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today was amazing! it was so freaking beautiful outside (and so was yesterday). it just gives you that feeling where you are happy to be living, and just being here. and it makes you want to just praise God for life and for everything. just to be alive, and to live every moment to the fullest, loving everyone. that’s totally how I’ve been feeling. and autumn of course is the best season, so I always get excited for it. especially since it means christmas is coming kinda soon.

so anyways, I’ve been wanting to blog for several days (since 2 a.m. sunday morning when I couldn’t fall asleep in the 2 hours before I had to get up for elevation) but now I’m finally getting around to it as I listen to anathallo. and I’ve been thinking a lot, so it may be kinda long and random.

now I’ve been sitting here blankly for the past 15 minutes trying to figure out what I was actually was going to post 2 nights ago ahaha. but I think I remember now. anyways,  some things have been going on in life lately, not with me personally, but with decisions that those close to me have been making, which end up effecting me in some way.

just having to watch someone close to you make a wrong, life altering decision, when they they know the right thing to do and just don’t do it, is just so hard to watch. especially when you have tried everything to remind them of what they know and all there is left to do is pray.

sometimes I wonder though if that’s how God sometimes feels about us. we know what we need to do. but do we always do it?

and then I started thinking about pastor’s message yesterday. the people we choose to be around (yeah, our entourage) does really define us. because we will eventually be like them, even if we don’t realize it.

“to be honest with you…” I think it’s so interesting when people say that. as if what they were saying before wasn’t honest? ahaha. anyways, but where I am going with this, is that we should always have that mindset of complete honesty and vulnerability. especially with those in our “small group” or entourage.

so many times I have seen people that aren’t totally honest about their struggles and brokeness, afraid that they won’t be accepted if people see who they really are. but that’s not how it should be. how else can we encourage and help others if we don’t really know the real them?

it’s all part of this trend that I’ve been thinking of and posting about lately. to get completely out of ourselves. after finally realizing that concept, it totally changed my life. that this life is not about me and what I need. but it’s about others. and making an impact. to get away from our hopes and dreams, and chase the dreams of God.

that our heart will beat with every beat of His heart and break with the things that break His. that we will be so far from ourslves that we are truly able to see things from a different perspective.

these lyrics are so freaking incredible. from phil wickham’s song “after your heart”

Can I have your attention?
What are we starting here?
Just look around you, the answer is clear
Listen, listen and hear the coming sound
All of the children are singing it loud

Let’s be the revolution
That lives to hold nothing back, nothing back

We’re after your heart, after your heart
All the walls are now breaking apart
Live like we see it, love like we mean it
This is the start, we’re after your heart

Start the ascension, begin the holy climb
Up to where heaven and earth collide
Bring your affection
All that you have inside
Enter the kingdom and become alive

Love with no condition
It lives for holding nothing back, nothing back

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it’s tuesday night. and yet if feels like it should be friday afternoon. ahaha. elevation days (or sundays as they are usually called) throw my whole week off, since they start at 5 a.m. and don’t typically end until 9 p.m. but I couldn’t ask for more.

it’s so incredible to be part of a revolution for Christ. something the people of this city, state, country, world, and generation so desperately need. it was amazing.

I love helping with everything I possibly can so I kinda just run around there all day like crazy doing whatever I can. there’s nothing better than watching young pre-k’ers praising Jesus. and then at Pulse later that night, it was so cool seeing so many highschool kids recommitting their lives to Christ.

this generation is ready. but it starts with us. the fire burning in a few of us will soon catch others, as we begin to freaking dominate this city. but after all of that this weekend, I was just sitting here tonight thinking, and I realized I had wasted the past two hours of my life upset about circumstance. and discontentment that one solitary part of my life isn’t going exactly as planned.

how selfish is that? and even further, how scary is that? we are blessed in America to live such amazing comfortable lives, yet we notice and get upset so much more easily about the smaller things, when there are so many less fortunate than we are in other countries that don’t base their life on circumstance or the present. but rather, the hope that they have.

trust me, I have seen it. thinking back on my mission trip that I went on so many years ago, it’s amazing to recall that those who have been though more and have less remember God’s promises and have hope of what is to come sometimes more than even I do.

so I’m just challenging myself to break free from everything – my circumstances, my own emotions, or anything else that holds me back or distracts me from living with no regrets and an amazing passion to do anything and everything for God. not myself.

I mean, is there anything else in life other than Jesus? it’s all about Him. it’s incredible how easily in this culture and time in life it is to be distracted from that. and become discontent and numbed by our so called perfect and comfortable lives.

but what I’m trying to do from now on is see outside of myself. and see the pain and crying our from everyone around me and around the world. and make a difference. I’m glad I’m in this generation.

it really is true what pastor furtick always says, that we were placed in this specific geographical location at this specific period in time to accomplish an divine assignment given by God that He has for us to do. but I don’t want to miss that and have it be given to someone else. I want to be the hands and feet of Christ no matter what it takes.

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okay. so I’ve been wanting to start one of these for the longest time, but my computer either decides to go crazy in the process of setting one up or I just completely forget. but, I finally made one, and yeah at 1:58 a.m. but it’s all good. we went to NoDa tonight. it was so freaking cute and artsy. loved it.

I love this city. tonight as we were just driving home on the dark highway watching the heart of the queen city lights flash by, forming a glowing spectrum of scenery, and listening to mat kearney, I got to thinking. which sort of inspired me to create this blog tonight.

my love for this city I guess goes deeper than having an amazing church and amazing people here that I love. but I guess it’s more love with passion and the heart of Christ. for a generation that’s broken down and crying out for more.

they are  silently screaming for change and a difference. for love. for freedom. for deliverance. a generation longing for reconciliation. and I want to be a part of the revolution. the change. the spark of hope to make a difference in so many lives that don’t even know that there’s more out there, and that they can have a different life.

sometimes I feel like there is so little I can do, that like the world is so insanely big with so many lost people, but I guess just having the heart of Christ and following Him each day and spreading that dazzling love to everyone around me, is making a difference even if I can’t see it.

I want to live with passion. and energy. and modivation. as if everyday was my last so that I never pass up a divine moment that God puts in my life to help change someone’s life for Him. that everytime I come into contact with someone, that I remember that I might be the only reflection of Jesus they see. and that I can portray Him to them so that they see something different in me even if I don’t say anything, and that they will want it.

I want to continue to grow in having the heart of Christ. that what breaks His heart will break mine, and that I will be able to see even more clearly the state of our desperate generation. revolution. It starts with ourselves. it’s time to break free from ourselves and what we want, and focus on what God wants. and not lose sight of what is important.

this world is our one chance. our one shot. right now. tommorrow might not come. it’s not a dress rehersal. it’s the real thing. if the whole world is a stage, who are we living for? not ourselves, actors can’t see themselves on stage. are we living each day with passion and importance?

there is a world out there dying and going to hell without having the chance to hear to truth of Jesus Christ. how much longer are we going to sit back and watch our generation rip apart at the seams?

it’s time to take a stand. be the hands and feet of Jesus. make an impact and a difference. freaking dominate this world and take it over for the Lord Jesus Christ. we really were meant to live for so much more. but it’s so sad to see so many people easily distracted on what this life is for. not for us, but Him alone.

what will be be remembered for? It seriously is time to wake up and see this desperate generation and do something amazing for God. how is our generation going to be remembered? what and who is making the biggest impact?

freaking dominate for Christ. we might not have much time left. this is our revolution – every generation needs one. this is love to break a world indifferent.

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