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it’s tuesday night. and yet if feels like it should be friday afternoon. ahaha. elevation days (or sundays as they are usually called) throw my whole week off, since they start at 5 a.m. and don’t typically end until 9 p.m. but I couldn’t ask for more.

it’s so incredible to be part of a revolution for Christ. something the people of this city, state, country, world, and generation so desperately need. it was amazing.

I love helping with everything I possibly can so I kinda just run around there all day like crazy doing whatever I can. there’s nothing better than watching young pre-k’ers praising Jesus. and then at Pulse later that night, it was so cool seeing so many highschool kids recommitting their lives to Christ.

this generation is ready. but it starts with us. the fire burning in a few of us will soon catch others, as we begin to freaking dominate this city. but after all of that this weekend, I was just sitting here tonight thinking, and I realized I had wasted the past two hours of my life upset about circumstance. and discontentment that one solitary part of my life isn’t going exactly as planned.

how selfish is that? and even further, how scary is that? we are blessed in America to live such amazing comfortable lives, yet we notice and get upset so much more easily about the smaller things, when there are so many less fortunate than we are in other countries that don’t base their life on circumstance or the present. but rather, the hope that they have.

trust me, I have seen it. thinking back on my mission trip that I went on so many years ago, it’s amazing to recall that those who have been though more and have less remember God’s promises and have hope of what is to come sometimes more than even I do.

so I’m just challenging myself to break free from everything – my circumstances, my own emotions, or anything else that holds me back or distracts me from living with no regrets and an amazing passion to do anything and everything for God. not myself.

I mean, is there anything else in life other than Jesus? it’s all about Him. it’s incredible how easily in this culture and time in life it is to be distracted from that. and become discontent and numbed by our so called perfect and comfortable lives.

but what I’m trying to do from now on is see outside of myself. and see the pain and crying our from everyone around me and around the world. and make a difference. I’m glad I’m in this generation.

it really is true what pastor furtick always says, that we were placed in this specific geographical location at this specific period in time to accomplish an divine assignment given by God that He has for us to do. but I don’t want to miss that and have it be given to someone else. I want to be the hands and feet of Christ no matter what it takes.

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